Live Healthy, Stay Healthy

        Live Healthy, Stay Healthy is a brand new health resource designed as an at home wellness challenge. The booklet has been assisting community members around the Pacific achieve positive behavioural changes to prevent and manage non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs such as diabetes and heart disease are affecting Pacific communities at an alarming rate, threatening our health and livelihoods. 

The good news is these diseases can be prevented or controlled through healthy lifestyle changes. Everyday changes lead to lifelong benefits, helping you live healthy and stay healthy! 

While our family history may lay the foundation for NCDs, our behaviour is what either keeps us safe, or increases our risk. Too little fruits, vegetables and physical activity plus too much salt, added sugar, unhealthy fat, tobacco, sugary drinks and alcohol are all risk factors for NCDs. 

If you’re at risk, it could be time for some healthy changes! 

Wellness Quiz

Wellness Challenge L Eating 1 Smart Swaps L
Healthy Hyd L Healthy Weight Salt
Exercise L Tobacco L Alcohol L

See the whole Live Healthy, Stay Healthy booklet online here.

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