Research – the cornerstone of nutrition practise

Where does this evidence come from? Nutrition is a science and as such is based on a wealth of peer- reviewed research papers which come from thousands of high quality studies around the world. As the research base is continually evolving Dietitians and Nutritionists endeavour to stay up to date and informed base their information and advice on the best available evidence.

With so much research available is can be tempting to place too much weight on single papers and seek out extra-ordinary findings to grab people’s attention. This is a dangerous practise and has led to a lot of the current confusion around what healthy eating involves. Headings such as “Juice cleanse cures diabetes” appeal to people much more than evidence based advice such as “eat two pieces of fruit a day to prevent diabetes”. The end result is people spending money on unproven juice remedies while claiming cost as a barrier to regularly eating fruit- while Diabetes prevalence continues to rise.

While there is still a lot of room for nutrition research in the Pacific Islands you may be surprised by how much is already available. See below for sources of evidence based nutrition information in the Pacific and abroad.

Key Journals

Key Journals and Search Engines

For journals and search engines containing evidence based information visit our ‘Key Journals’ page for a list of key sources of nutrition information in the Pacific and abroad.

From the Pacific

Key Pacific Research Articles

For a list of key reports and articles from the Pacific Islands Visit ‘Key Articles’. Here you’ll find a list of the latest statistics about diet and NCD’s as well as key nutrition articles.


Looking for more reader friendly, but evidence based nutrition information?

Have a look at these Facebook pages facebook logo blue Pacific Diets facebook logo blue Dietitian Connection

or check out these web pages...


healthyfood site

Healthy Food Guide Magazine

The Healthy Food Guide magazine is published in NZ and Australia by nutrition experts. Their website contains up to date and reader friendly articles on every topic imaginable as well as loads of nutritious recipes.

NZ Heart Foundation Site

New Zealand Heart Foundation

Containing resources and information for Pacific Island populations to maximise heart health through healthy eating.

5aday site

5 a Day

Nutrition information, recipes and fun facts about all the fruits and vegetables under the sun.

nutrition gov site

Provides easy access to evidence based information from leading government organisations in America.

See your individual country pages to find more interesting links and nutrition information sources specific to your country.

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