Pacific Programs

Ministry of Health Fiji

Khana Kakana

You can access Fijis new Khana Kakana cookbook! full of healthy recipes using fresh, locally grown foods, wellness inspiration stories and nutrition tips to help you and your family eat healthy to stay healthy. Kana Vinaka Fiji!

Khana Kakana00

Heart Foundation New Zealand

Pacific Heartbeat Program

The Pacific Heartbeat Program helps Pacific Islanders living in NZ live healthy lifestyles to prevent Heart Disease. The program has traning courses, healthy eating guides and resources for Pacific people which can be accessed online, here.


Wan Smolbag Vanuatu

Nutrition Centre

Wan Smolbag Theatre group (WSTG) is a ni-Vanuatu non-government organisation which employs local actors, graphic designers, film and radio technicians as well as nurses and uses drama to inform, raise awareness and encourage discussion on a range of health issues in Vanuatu. They run a nutrition Centre which acts as a community hub and source of information and education on health and nutrition. Through their community garden they have created both an income generation scheme for young people and an affordable way to provide their volunteers a complementary lunch.

Wan Smolbag Vanuatu

Canvasback Missions, Inc

Wellness Centre

Canvasback Missions is a wellness centre in Majuro in the Marshall Islands in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. Using intervention, health education and agriculture the centre is committed to reversing diabetes through encouraging people into lifestyle changes. Check out their video about diabetes in the Micronesian Islands or visit their website for more details.

Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

Draft School Food Policy Brief

Unhealthy school environments play a supportive role in the developmentof childhood obesity and vitamin deficiencies that have serious consequencesfor children’s health and academic performance. Currently Pacific children are amongst the largest in the world, a scary statistic considering childhood obesity harms nearly every organ in a child’s body including the heart, bones and kidneys leaving them prone to non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) such as diabetes and heart disease in adulthood. SPC is working on developing a School Food Policy brief to encourage Ministry’s of Education and individual schools into establishing healthy food policy’s. You can read and review the draft here, and send in your feedback here.

School Food Policy

Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO)

"Let's Go Local" Campaign

This booklet written by Dr. Lois Englberger is based on the "go local" concept developed by the Island Food Community of Pohnpei. The guidelines suggest how people and groups in other countries or regions can adapt this approach to suit their situations in order to promote the sustainable production and consumption of nutritious local foods.

Lets Go Local