Creating Health Programs

Tools to help you design evidence based and effection health and nutrition programs

Art in Health

Art in Health

Learn the benefits of engaging with local Pacific artisits to create innovative health programs to spread health messages and inspire healthy behavioural change. Includes a contact details and a guide for artists working in health.

Program Planning and Evaluation

Program Planning and Evaluation Templates

Access easy to use program planning and evaluation templates to help create your program and refine it to ensure you meet your goals.

Strategic Health Communication

Strategic Health Communication

Strategic Health Communication is crucial in developing effective health programs. Access tools, tips and resources here to ensure your program is following the best practise guidelines.

Specific Pacific Pictures

Spacific Pacific Pictures

Find a range of FREE pictures to use in the design of IEC’s and program materials. Includes clip art pictures of Pacific foods for adults and children as well as food snaps from around the Islands.

Existing Programs 1

Existing Programs

Get inspired by learning about existing programs already running in the Pacific Islands

Catalouge of IECs

Catalouge of IECs

There are so many great Information Education and Communication materials around the Pacific for you to use or draw inspiration from.