Nutrition is everyones buisness!

Non-communicable disease's (NCD’s) are responsible for an estimated 30,000 deaths every day in the Western Pacific region. They are a key barrier to sustainable development. Creating one of the greatest human, economic and social challenges the region faces.

Taking action in the prevention of these NCD’s through empowering individuals, strengthening community actions, creating supportive environments and building healthy public policy can help insure the health and future of our islands (Ottawa Charter). An unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity and tobacco use is attributed to 80% of all NCD’s. The solution to this NCD epidemic therefore lies in the prevention of these risk factors.

Governments & Organisations

Resources and materials to inform healthy, supportive policies and environments.

Health Professionals

Information, education and communication tools for doctors, nurses, dietitians and community health workers plus nutrition study options.

Second International Conference on Nutrition

Updates and background information on the worlds largest and most important nutrition meeting.

Pacific Programs

Examples of nutrition and health programs running around the pacific.

Political Update

The ICN2 will be held from Nov 19-21 2014 and marks an important milestone in nutrition.

Program Update

More Pacific schools are recognising their importance in childrens health and development. Learn more about the school food policy options and impacts.

Research – the cornerstone of nutrition practise

They’re a staple ingredient of any Pacific diet and the world is going crazy for them. But is this popularity based on science or just a marketing spin?